Standard series ammonia chillers (low ammonia charge), optimized for maximum efficiency, cheapness and reliability, with following features:

  • condensing and oil cooling with tower water at +28/+32°C
  • condensing temperature at +35°C
  • evaporating temperature at -12°C
  • cooled fluid: water+ ethylene glycol 35%, temperature range -4/+8°C

Our units are made with the following main components:

  • open type screw compressors BITZER
  • high efficiency electrical motors LEROY SOMER (with permanent magnet option)
  • two stage oil separator
  • semi-welded plate condenser and evaporator GEA/THERMOWAVE/ALFA LAVAL
  • suction liquid separator
  • float type expansion valve DANFOSS/WITT
  • shell and tube oil cooler HS-COOLER
  • electrical board for control and power supply with control panel

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Untitled-1ColdProject Engineering can provide industrial compact chillers, preassembled on metal frame, made on specifics or totally designed by our engineering team, according to customer and process requirements, giving the possibility to use machines and equipments specifically requested by customer .

Our engineering division will collect all input data, will give the necessary technical support in the starting phase of the project and will design the  machine in order to provide the best technical solution.

Below are listed some of possible applications :

  • Condensing units for refrigerant supply to external exchangers, equipped with suction liquid separator, with or without circulation pumps
  • Industrial heat pumps
  • Chillers working with R744 (CO2) refrigarant
  • Chillers for directly cooling of any kind of fluid

We are also able to provide units suitable to operate in ATEX classified areas.

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