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ColdProject engineering firm was established by Eng. Ruggero Piccinini in 1980, and is working for over 30 years in industrial refrigeration sector. A new company, coordinated by Eng. Piccinini, has been started up on Last 20 January and  its mission is to manufacture refrigeration units, specifically designed on customer request.

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The refrigeration systems evolution is continuous and in the light of the most recent European laws on ecological and low GWP refrigerant gases, force the operators in the sector to frequently retrofit machineries (eg R-507, R-404, etc, considered ecological up to now), with a strong effect on maintenance costs and especially on operating costs, within a global market in continuous effort to achieve the greatest economic  and energy saving.




To satisfy the fickle needs of the market:

ColdProject Engineering puts on the market pre-assembled refrigeration units specifically designed focusing on high energy efficiency, low refrigerant charge, quick installation and start-up. The working fluids are all natural refrigerants like ammonia, carbon dioxide, propane or other natural gases. Every unit will be customized on customer specifications, also available in “plug&play” configuration with pre-assembled machinery room fitted with evaporative cooling tower, safety devices, electric, mechanic and hydraulic installations. Our production, mostly of screw compressors type, include all the purposes of the refrigeration applications, we design chiller to cool water, glycol brine,  gases or vapors. We choose components among major market leader manufacturers. All chillers are supplied with onboard electric panel, including PLC; power and signal wirings, also according to ATEX prescriptions for explosion risk environment. Our production is compliant to PED directive with CE certification for European market or to ASME regulation for extra-European market. Our product range is also extended to ammonia or carbon dioxide heat pumps, eg  application requiring heat recovery from the condensation of existing refrigeration plants, in order to heat water at high temperature.




ColdProject is not only a manufacturer, but also is able to provide full engineering services, to support every step of the project, from feasibility study, preliminary design, cost estimate, to executive design, site engineering and commissioning.

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The continuous updating and training of our staff allows us offering customers the most modern and efficient system solutions, focusing on the optimization of energy consumption and implementing, where economically feasible, systems for energy recovery.

The main areas of engineering activity are as follows:

  • Refrigeration and heating plants
  • HVAC systems
  • Thermal insulation design
  • Utilities, technical gas, compressed air, steam, piping and plumbing
  • Co-generation, low-temperature ORC co-generation, tri-generation systems
  • Refrigerating, white and aseptic rooms

Trusting in you as one of our new customer, we are at your disposal for draw up our best offer on your specific needs and for supply any technical and economic information about our products.

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